VTGO 508-Compliant Softphone

VTGO 508-Compliant Softphone

VTGO 508-Compliant softphone is engineered to be Section 508 compliant for the accessibility market. This softphone provides users with the ability to communicate, regardless of disability, with a state of the art VoIP PC-based softphone application.

Please read VTGO 508 softphone Voluntary Product Accessibility Template for complete list of the accessible softphone features. VPATs help Federal agency procurement officers to fulfill the guidelines outlined in Section 508, by outlining accessible product features in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

To download or purchase this product, please contact our sales team at (212) 485-1225 or send email to sales@ipblue.com.

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Product Features

Accessibility Features

  • Microsoft's Speech API (SAPI) text-to-speech engine. Selectable voice type, speach rate/volume, audio output device.
  • Integration with JAWS screen reader for superior text-to-speach functionality.
  • Voice commands with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.
  • Audio text translation for all features of the softphone, including caller ID, phone/line status, directories, missed calls, and more
  • Built-in Cisco text relay TDD/TTY terminal
  • Support for with Windows accessibility options, including screen mangifier, sticky keys, mouse keys, etc
  • Keyboard shortcuts and system-wide hotkeys


VTGO 508 softphone Voluntary Product Accessibility Template
HTML document - November 2006

VTGO-PC-508 Brochure
Printable brochure - 16 pages - 536 KB - December 2006.

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